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Neotech Bassoon Seat Strap 3301001


The Bassoon Seat Strap is for the musician who wants relief from supporting the weight of the instrument around the neck.

Providing additional support while offering the musician increased freedom of movement.

It features a durable nylon-reinforced neoprene cup which snugly captures the end of the bassoon.

This is then attached to a webbing strap that adjusts to fit any playing style.

The strap also incorporates a non-skid neoprene pad which helps to secure the strap in position on the chair.

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A quick disconnect system makes attaching the strap to the chair leg quick and easy.

It is an ideal alternative to the traditional neck strap and offers not only comfort but peace of mind that the instrument is secured.

Size: 25,-40, (63.5-101.6cm)

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