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BG Tenor Baritone & Bass Clarinet Reed Performer ~ 3pcs A80L


Created from patented BG material.

Designed to improve the sound making it warmer and removing fuzzy sounds, for used on good ‘dying’ reeds and new ‘defective’ reeds.

It helps the reed become more stable through all registers, also helping to stabilise both thin cane reeds and synthetic reeds.

Fits Baritone, Tenor saxes plus Bass Clarinet.

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  • For Tenor and Baritone saxophone as well as Bass clarinet
  • More stable sound
  • Doubles the life of the reed
  • Rounder sound in all registers
  • Reusable for more reeds
  • Suitable for cane reeds and synthetic reeds
  • Brings worn or weakened reeds back into shape
  • Applying it to the base of the reed also prevents the ligature from slipping

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Bass Clarinet, Baritone, Tenor



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