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Tone Tablet – by Corry Bros.

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When the Tone Tablet is in place you will be amazed at the difference in how your sax feels, responds and how the overall tone is improved.

It will feel more centred and secure in all registers with a fuller, richer, purer sound that is more stable and even, giving you greater projection and richer overtones.

Inserts into your sax’s Lyre Holder so make sure your screw is not missing as it is required to hold the Tone Tablet in place.

Please check the Make and Model of your saxophone and specify the correct size, when ordering, from the list below.


Size 1 – fits Alto/Tenor models: Antigua, Artemis, Bauhaus Walstein, Berkely, Lupifaro, Selmer (Cigar Cutter, Balanced Action, Mark VI, Mark VII, Ref 32 & 54, P. Mauriat, SA80 Series I, II, III), Trevor James, Yamaha, Yanagisawa.

Size 2 – fits Alto/Tenor models: Borgani, Brancher, Keilworth, Selmer (Super Balanced Action)



Quotes from the Professionals


“The Corry Bros Tone Tablet is somewhat of a miracle. I never thought that a device so small could make such a big difference other than what my personal mouthpiece can do already. This half inch Tone Tablet does exactly what it says it does and more, it’s amazing and I now won’t perform without it. My saxophone sings more than it ever did, total perfection. This is where science and music unify and play in perfect harmony” Tony Kofi (award winning UK saxophonist)

“I do like the Tone Tablet. It always amazes me that something so small would make a difference” Jerry Bergonzi

“This small masterpiece, discrete and easy to position is incredible! Beyond enriching the sound and bringing more harmonics, the transmission of highs notes (and alt ssimo) is increased and the homogeneity of the instrument is incredible. THE indispensable object for your instrument. it will help you to improve your game and your sound, and the relationship between the registers is wonderfull. thanks a lot to the Corry Bros!” Baptiste Herbin (award winning French Virtuoso)

“I’m playing with The Tone Tablet for a month now and I can’t play anymore without it. I can’t believe that this small piece makes my saxophone sound have such a very big difference. ESSENTIAL!” Rosario Giuliani (Rome Italy)

“The Tone Tablet is proof of how something so small can make such a big difference…it makes my Mark VI feel, blow and sound better – rich in harmonics. I couldn’t live without it now” James Mainwaring (Roller Trio)

“I use the Silver Tone Tablet on my Mark VI these days” – Bob Reynolds US

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Alto, Baritone, Soprano, Curved Soprano, Tenor



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