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Rovner Tenor Saxophone Ligature – Hard Rubber L8 – Light


Rovner Tenor Saxophone Ligature – Hard Rubber L8 – Light

Responsive and free playing. For the player desiring a more contemporary sound. Affords a full range of musical expression.

Jazz musicians especially appreciate this fact, allowing them the opportunity to concentrate more on their music.

This ligature will not bend and always makes the correct contact with the mouthpiece.

Fits most hard rubber and plastic standard tenor sax mouthpieces and also fits some slim hard rubber baritone sax mouthpieces

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  • Permits the reed to vibrate more freely than with conventional metal ligatures
  • Improves tone, response and intonation of woodwind instruments
  • Allows reed to swell and shrink without distorting the reed body, reducing the likelihood of leakage at the facing
  • Reduces peculiar modes of vibration that give rise to uneven scales, poor intonation, squeaks and raspiness
  • If properly used, will provide greater playing ease, considerably extended reed life and fewer rejected reeds
  • Is made of the finest materials obtainable
  • Has a body made of neoprene-impregnated polyester fabric that will not stretch or rot and is chemically impervious; is fitted with corrosion-resistant metal fittings
  • Undergoes constant scrutiny for possible improvements
  • All current ligatures feature double-textured ligature body with new T-process Polymer Impregnation.

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