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Brancher B21 Silver Grey Metal Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 288)****SOLD****

Brancher B21 Silver Grey Metal Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 288)****SOLD****

Selling on behalf of current owner.
Very good condition but the grey plating has faded where a ligature has been on (See images)  but this does not affect it useability.
Brancher B Bright Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
The French Brancher company has made mouthpieces and other woodwind accessories since the 1980s. Brancher mouthpieces come in three chamber sizes: B (bright), L (large), and J (jazz).
B chamber is the most brilliant and clear with maximum power. Silver-grey plated. The sound of American pop, rock, fusion.
These mouthpieces are carved from a solid block of the finest brass, finished to a very high standard and all platings are guaranteed nickel-free.
Opening choice: B21 B24 B27
Numbers refer to facing in mm and are equivalent to: 21 = no 6/7, 23/24 = no. 8 25 = no.

Category: Alto saxophone
Style: pop / rock / fusion
Material: gray metal
Opening: 2.10 mm
Chamber = Round with highly stepped baffle

Includes: mouthpiece, no ligature or cap.

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