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Dukoff Super Power Chamber Metal M9 Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 286) ****SOLD****

Dukoff Super Power Chamber Metal M9 Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 286)****SOLD****

Selling on behalf of current owner.
Very good condition.
Some very slight marks on the table but in very good playable condition.
Tip Opening: (1/100mm = 229), 0.090″ or 90, Chamber = Round with curved baffle.

The baffle and the chamber are built high and deep which gives it a sound that’s bright, clear, and concise.

It is characterised by focused projection, a huge mixture of overtones, and deep rich color.
The D chamber embodies the infamous “Dukoff” sound that really cuts through; ideal for solo playing, lead playing, or any situation where you want to be heard.

This is the “M” Chamber: Round and mellow sound.

This mouthpiece gives the player everything offered in the “D” chamber, but is darker (less bright) in sound.

In contrast to the “D” chamber, the “M” is characterised by a slightly more round and mellow sound. It is still very pronounced, yet has a wider projection, and will blend more in an ensemble setting.

Includes: mouthpiece, ligature, cap and original box.




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