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Meyer G5 HR6 Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 137) ****SOLD****

Meyer G5 HR6 Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 137)****SOLD****

Good condition, no chips or cracks. This mouthpiece was purchased 7 years ago, by it’s current owner. The box is a genuine Meyer G5 6 box but the transfer logo on the mouthpiece has worn away so there is no manufacturers logo that is identifiable to confirm it’s authenticity however, having compared it to images of a new G5 it does look like a Meyer and we have no reason to doubt its history and this does not affect its playability.

The Meyer G Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is designed to reproduce the size and style of mouthpiece chamber and tip opening to achieve the sound of great saxophonists of the past.
Includes: mouthpiece and box, no ligature or cap.




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