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Otto Link Tone Master 4* 1940’s Metal Tenor Mouthpiece (Ref 228) ****SOLD****

Otto Link Tone Master 4* 1940’s Metal Tenor Mouthpiece (Ref 228)****SOLD****

Selling on behalf of the Estate of the late great jazz player and teacher, George Galway R.I.P..

Here’s a great opportunity to take ownership of this Vintage Otto Link Tenor sax mouthpiece.


Otto Link started putting a ridge on top of their metal mouthpieces to make it easier to center the ligature. These mouthpieces were made in New York and had a bit more projection then the older models. They had very long and deep facings (like the older models), playing better with small tip openings. They did, on rare occasions, make larger tip openings, such as a 7 or 8. However, these mouthpieces still retained the very long and deep facing, which curtailed their responsiveness.

The TONE MASTER models had silver under gold plating.

The serial numbers were on the side and the tip openings were stamped on the table.
The first models had four smaller digits for a serial number.The later models had three larger digits:

Users of this mouthpiece:
John Coltrane (He put a wedge inside his Tone Master so that it would get signature bright sound. His mouthpiece was a size 6.)
Hank Mobley (tenor)
Ben Webster (tenor)
Lester Young (tenor)
Coleman Hawkins (tenor)
Georgie Auld (tenor)
Buddy Tate (tenor)
Charlie Barnett (tenor)
Benny Carter (alto)
Vido Muso (tenor)

Includes: mouthpiece, no ligature or cap.


This mouthpiece is part of the Estate of George Galway who passed away aged 79 in October 2020.

He began playing the saxophone professionally while still in his teens, as part of many dance showbands in late-1950s Belfast. 

He moved to Manchester in the 1970s and began a successful career as a music teacher, but still gigged constantly all around the country. 

George didn’t slow down in any way until about 2015, and having lived the world of jazz for nearly seven decades, he had built up an immense repertoire and wealth of knowledge about the saxophone instrument, with its many brands, series, metals, construction and playing techniques, mouthpieces and so on.
He carefully selected each piece over the years – both for their monetary investment value, as well as the personal joy he got from using them on one of his many saxes.

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