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Phil-Tone Novella Jazz J6 HR Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 259)****SOLD****

Phil-Tone Novella Jazz J6 HR Alto Mouthpiece (Ref 259)****SOLD****

There is much written about these pieces so go have a browse and come back here for a bargain (current retail = £299)

‘As New’ condition.

No chips or scratches.

Includes: mouthpiece, cloth bag and box, no lig or cap.
Description from Phil-Tone: The Novella sports a modified horseshoe chamber. It has a beautifully hand sculpted rollover baffle and an incredibly responsive facing. The Novella is a full bodied mouthpiece with depth and complexity. It has more focus than a Meyer and it has a beautiful singing quality through the full range of the horn. It is extremely versatile and can cover the arena from standards to full lead alto. The Novella Jazz is an excellent choice for the player who wants the zip and pop of a great jazz alto piece along with the added focus made possibly by this design.




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