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Selmer Airflow Alto Mouthpiece Circa 1920’s (Ref 248)

Original price was: £120.00.Current price is: £75.00.

Selmer Airflow Alto Mouthpiece Circa 1920’s (Ref 248)

Selling on behalf of current owner.
Good condition with no damage but has some lights scratches on the beak but they are not deep and will be easily concealed with a mouthpiece patch.
Tip Opening: (1/100mm = 127), 0.050″ or 50
Chamber = Large Round.
The first Air Flow mouthpieces had a metal ring around the shank, a very big chamber, and small tip openings. These are popular among classical players but are often considered too ‘dark’ by others. The very first version had a fancy banded shank and a metal logo on the back. This only lasted a year or two though.
Selmer soon switched to a simple metal band and scribed writing on the back – as per this example.

Includes: mouthpiece, no ligature or cap.

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