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Exhibit Stand Brecker Tenor Floor Mount Stand Bracket – Locoparasaxo


The Exhibit stand is designed to be mounted on a flat, horizontal surface like a shelf, workbench, table or even on the floor.

The design of the base makes this a rock-solid saxophone stand. Further up it is identical to Stand Brecker for tenor with the same adjustable bow support.

All stands come with wall-plugs, screws and screwcaps included.

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Saxophone stands from Locoparasaxo, keep your saxophone safe, always handy and beautifully on display with locoparasaxo wall-mounted saxophone stands.

This stand is in large part hand-made of solid steel parts welded together, polished, powdercoated and finished with a special rubber compound.

It has been made with dedication and attention to detail to ensure you receive a top notch stand.

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