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Bauhaus Walstein Bronze Alto Saxophone AS-PD****SOLD****

****SOLD****The Bauhaus-WALSTEIN Deluxe Model Saxophones (A.I. – Action Improved) have the same specifications and sound as the “Original” models, the body shape and materials are largely the same, the difference is in the keywork. (See Full Description)

This Alto has had one very careful owner and is in excellent condition. It has two small blemish’s in the lacquer. One by the F# key and one at the pillar base near the F key but apart from that it is like new.

Note, the zip on the small outer compartment is faulty but the main zip on the case works fine and the instrument is secure.


Bauhaus Walstein Bronze Alto Saxophone AS-PD


  1. Underslung Octave Key
  2. High F# Key
  3. Ribbed Construction
  4. Fine Adjustment Screws
  5. Double Key-Arms C# + B
  6. Lyre Box
  7. Hand Hammered Bell
  8. Ergonomic Thumb Rest & Thumb Hook
  9. Mouthpiece, Ligature & Cap
  10. Black Rucksack Style Case


  1. Bell Diameter 119mm
  2. Robust Brass Keywork 4.9mm Diameter
  3. Body Material (bronze) – Bronze 93% Copper/ 5% Zinc/ 2% Tin
  4. Body Material (lacquer) – American Brass (34% zinc to 66% copper approx)
  5. 2.55kg Instrument Weight
  6. 2.85kg Case Weight – 5.40kg Total Weight
  7. Blue Steel Needle Springs
  8. Fine Grain Italian Pads
  9. Low Bb to High F# – Key of Eb

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