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Buffet Crampon RC Bb Wooden Clarinet (Ref 3009)****SOLD****

Buffet Crampon RC Bb Wooden Clarinet (Ref 3009)****SOLD****

Selling on behalf of current owner. This is a really nice example of the renowned RC.

Very clean and no marks, this clarinet has obviously been very well looked after.

Lovely tone and great value.

Includes: quality leather case, no mouthpiece but we have a selection of mouthpieces in the shop.


Each school of music has its own instrumental character. The German school favours a full and focused woody sound, while the French school of wind instruments cultivates vigour and fluidity, and beauty in the model

Buffet Crampon has contributed in a material way to the creation of the modern clarinet and the founding of high-quality interpretation.

It has also played a preponderant role in developing teaching methods, accompanying an illustrious line of teachers that have graduated from the best music conservatories in the world.

Made entirely in grenadilla wood, these clarinets give these musicians their first sensations as a soloist.

Buffet Crampon is committed to helping clarinetist’s grow by providing them with the utmost in quality and know-how.

Buffet clarinets are not just instruments, they’re tools for the future.

Key : Bb

Pitch : 440/442 Hz

Body : Stained African blackwood

Keys : 17

Rings : 6

Thumb rest : Adjustable enabling the use of a neck strap

Keywork finish : Silver plated

Keywork and mecanic : Easy and accurate keywork action

Pads : Superior Leather pads

Case: Stylish leather case

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Natural Dark Wood

Instrument Type

Clarinet Bb


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