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Dearman Master-Model Vintage Tenor****SOLD****

Dearman Master-Model Vintage Tenor Saxophone made in France by Pierret. The bell of the saxophone reads: Dearman Master Model

Sole Distributors John E Dallas & Sons Ltd

6-10 Betterton St London.

On the side of the saxophone it reads:

9792 Made in France.

Here is a fantastic Tenor Saxophone with a smoky vintage sound but it can really sing when pushed. There doesn’t seem to be much information on these saxophones but this example looks like it was made by Pierret, France in the 1940s, although the design seems to hark back more to the 1930s.

Completely re-padded with Pistoni pads and all corks and springs are in good shape or have been replaced where necessary.

Balanced, regulated and ready for a new lease of life.

The lacquer has a light golden hue and with it’s chromed key work and clear engraving this sax is a real looker. All the key pearls are original and it has the distinguishing ‘Nail file’ G# key. There are no dents and there is very light scratching where the neck strap attaches and also at the base of the bell. There is also evidence of some minor pillar repairs.

Includes: tenor sax, neck, vintage mouthpiece and ligature (no make visible). Yamaha brown carrying case in very good condition.

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