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Elkhart Flugel Horn 100FHR by Vincent Bach

Selling on behalf of current owner. Excellent condition and has had very little use.

The Elkhart Flugel Horn has a rose lead pipe which gives a mellow tone straight from the mouthpiece through to the bell. This combined with the medium bore, gives a mellow sounding instrument but with plenty of character and expression. The cupronickel slides are used to extend the lifetime of the instrument and to prevent corrosion to the instrument.

Perfect for Beginners


The Elkhart 100FHR is the perfect instrument to begin learning a brass instrument. Its easy playability and accurate intonation make it an ideal instrument without a huge price tag. The valve and slide layout make The Elkhart 100FHR a free instrument to play with minimal effort and resistance needed to get a range of volume.

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Flugel Horn



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