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Gear4Music Bb Tenor Trombone****SOLD****

Selling on  behalf of current owner.

The student tenor trombone by Gear4music is a sturdy and reliable instrument ideal for beginner trombonists and brass musicians.

A yellow brass body and medium bore slide produce a resonant and rich sound, even for smaller players. The Cupronickel plated slide is long lasting, responsive and ideal for faster playing. This trombone comes with an upgraded lightweight case and mouthpiece so beginners have everything they need to start playing straight away.


Full Description

Superior Student Instrument

The student tenor trombone by Gear4muic is a sturdy and reliable instrument ideal for beginner trombonists and brass musicians. The trombone features a yellow brass body which is finished with a clear lacquer that prevents the instrument tarnishing. As well as this, the cupronickel slide has been coated in a corrosion resistant, high-quality lacquer. This improves the lifespan of the instrument, and reduces friction against the outer slide, which in turn improves speed – ideal for faster passages of music.

Rich Tone

G4M’s entry level trombone has a bold, rich tone, great for ensemble playing and soloists. The medium bore improves tonal quality for beginner brass players, particularly younger students with smaller lung capacity. This student trombone is also highly responsive with a durable build that will comfortably assist beginners in improving technique and timbre.

Everything You Need to Get Started

The student trombone comes with everything a beginner needs to get playing straight away. The included medium bore nickel plated mouthpiece is ideal for beginners, helping them achieve a full range of notes.

The trombone case is easy to carry around and provides superior protection for the instrument. A carry handle means it can be easily taken to lessons or performances and the included pockets are handy to store accessories such as tuners and metronomes.


  • Bell Diameter: 200mm (8″)
  • Bore Size: 12.5mm (Medium-Large)
  • Slide Material: Inner: Cupro-nickel, Outer: Yellow Brass
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Body Finish: Clear Lacquer
  • Key: Bb

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