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Lafleur Powertone Tenor Saxophone****SOLD****

LaFleur Powertone Tenor Saxophone. ****SOLD****

This 1970’s, made in GDR, tenor sax has been fully serviced with pads, corks and springs being replaced where necessary. It is in lovely playing condition and gives a very smooth easy blowing experience and has a really nice tone.

The bell has the following engraving: LAFLEUR Powertone Made for Boosey & Hawkes London.

There re no major dents. Looking over it in detail, the lacquer is all there and has a nice golden hue with some light markings under the lacquer but overall, with the chrome keywork, it has real character. The neck fits well and there is evidence of minor repairs (re-soldering of one or two pillars). The original ‘Crocodile skin effect’ case is functional but does shows significant signs of wear for a 40 year old sax so may be worth considering a different case if it is going to travel on a regular basis. The main handle is sound but the ‘end’ handle is missing.

Includes: tenor sax, neck, original case (no mouthpiece, but this can be discussed depending on playing experience)

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