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Pearl PF-F525 Quantz Forza Flute Silver Plated Flute – Closed Hole (Ref 3050)****SOLD****

Pearl PF-F525 Quantz Forza Flute Silver Plated Flute – Closed Hole (Ref 3050)****SOLD****

Selling on behalf of current owner who purchased this Flute new in 2017 and it has had very little use since.

Silver plated body and mechanism, Sterling Silver lip plate.

Closed holes, Offset G, E mechanism, C footjoint

The Quantz series flutes have expressive headjoints that contribute to the musical development. These handmade headjoints are developed in collaboration with the craftsmen at Pearl. The headjoint combines a light response with a precise articulation. Because of the shape of the lip-plate, the headjoint has a wide spectrum of tone colors and a big dynamic range.

Plays really well.

Includes: Sturdy Case and carrying case with strap, cleaning cloths and tuning rod.


About Pearl

Pearl’s handmade craftsmanship has pioneered a tradition of flute making that is totally distinctive. Many flute makers claim to be innovators, but Pearl’s track record can be proven. Most of the artisans have the distinction of building flutes for their entire career only at Pearl. The apprentice program has been employed for decades, which allows the talents of master builders to be passed on to future generations. The foundation of every Pearl flute is a patented Pinless construction, which eliminates the problems of traditional flute construction – protruding needles that snag clothing and give easy entry to perspiration and body acids causing corrosion and binding keys. Besides this unique pinless construction, Pearl flutes have additional bridge mechanisms that add strength to the entire mechanism. The goal of handmade creativity united with meticulous assembly is consequently realised. Pearl has a revered commitment to accuracy of pitch, flexible articulation, and a beautiful and projecting sound.

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