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Selmer Paris ‘Pre-Super’ Tenor Saxophone Circa 1931/2 Very Rare****SOLD****

Selmer Paris Tenor Saxophone – made in December 1931 and sold to Selmer London early 1932. Selling on behalf of the current owner who has owned and played this instrument for the last 45 years but is no longer able to continue to use it.

This is a very rare sax that was built in 1931 and contains many of the improvements which were later released as the Selmer Super Sax SSS which also then included the square plate octave mechanism (and dubbed the ‘Cigar Cutter’ in the UK only). So this is a Pre-Super Sax (Cigar Cutter) model.

Fully serviced. The sax has been stripped down, cleaned and re-built and is now in good playing order and has a lovely deep tone matching of it’s era.

The lacquer is in generally good condition with overall evenly spread blemishing as would be expected for a sax of this age.


Includes: neck, Brand New Hiscox case + Selmer crocodile skin effect case with red lining (the case is in generally good condition but the clasps are missing so might require repair. Standard hard rubber mouthpiece, Berg Larsen gold ligature and cap.

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