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Yamaha Custom 82Z Un-Lacquered Alto Saxophone YAS-82ZUL WOF ****SOLD****

Yamaha Custom 82Z Un-Lacquered Alto Saxophone YAS-82ZUL WOF****SOLD****

Selling on behalf of current owner this beautiful, rare without top f#,  un-lacquered Yamaha Custom 82Z Alto Saxophone.
Bought new in 2015, has had very little use, and has been well cared for.

Beautiful condition, pads all good, no dents or dings.

Includes: quality Yamaha case, Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, ligature and cap plus a Neotech neck strap and a couple of reeds.

With a powerful sound and the ability to play fast passages without difficulty, the Z is crafted to meet your highest expectations.

They have been reconsidered from top to bottom and are now equipped with a one-piece bell for increased resonance and the highly regarded G1 neck for the optimal combination of response and control.



  • Improved Low B-C# connection – An improved mechanism from low B-C# connection ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument.
  • G1 neck.
  • Lighter thumb hook and thumb rest bases – Lighter thumb rest and thumb hook base designs produce better response and a more cohesive tone.
  • Metal resonator pads – The metal resonators offer an outstanding response and deliver a wider dynamic range. The entire range of the instrument has a clearer pronunciation, providing effortless playability all around.
  • One-piece bell with new engraving – In the tradition of those coveted vintage saxophones, the 82Z now comes equipped with a one-piece bell. This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal colour. More elaborate with finer detail, the new engraving design offers delicate beauty.
  • Case – The 82Z comes equipped with lightweight case.

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