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Locoparasaxo Wall Stands, Mounts and Brackets

Browse through our stylish range of instrument wall brackets and stands. Alternatively, Click Here to view the Stagg range of wall brackets

For most instruments, and in particular for saxophones, safety and secure storage is essential to retain their perfect playing condition. Instruments placed in a wall-mounted stand are 100% safe, always handy and beautifully on display.

The Locoparasaxo stands allow you to store your instrument just about anywhere in your home, studio or shop without exposing it to the hazards that usually threaten an instrument placed in a floor-based stand. Think of kids, pets, vacuum cleaners etc. Locoparasaxo manufactures wall-mounted instrument stands of excellent quality and reliability, and here at The Sax Shack we have joined their mission to introduce these stands to musicians and music aficionados all over the world.

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